Butterflies Aging

All good things

Are never mundane

Guessing answers life brings

You’re not at the reigns

We go on hoping

Hope’s the best thing real

Not one other soul

Really knows what to feel

We surround ourselves with others

Distracted and betrayed

One mind

We die alone

Not actually knowing ourselves

We’re sisters and brothers

All good things

Are never the same

Knowing answers life brings

Would make you insane

We hate each other secretly

Even those we love best

While evil lurks within us

Never will we rest

We watch each other die

Too self conscious to reach

If we’d only try

Each other to teach

Afraid to be hated

Not to be such a fool

Hearts on the line

Souls in the pool

Why we always scared

Satans seeds always seem to grow

Endless years of suffering

Is all we have to show

Answers within you

Gotta let them through

Time is running out

Windows closing too

From where did these words come

How did you come to see them

Through me not from

Butterflies are pretty

When they fly from the stem

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