While you are here

You live to convey

Memories you retain from childhood

Feeling you’ve got a good take

I’m going to enhance this thing how I would’ve liked it to have been for me

You set out intentioned and focused

Innocently unaware of major forces of evil coursing through your surroundings

Whatever comfort you choose I can tell you the main focus to befall on you will be distraction

Of any kind,I don’t even know if the spell can be broken or if all that is is meant to be

You gather and plan and get to the point where you saw yourself in your vision

Only your not aware to see your own life slipping by while you stress and contemplate all the wrong things

And everything that’s been pushed on your mind for survival with happiness is all mind numbing information filled with worry about whatever you can fathom even right now

You’ve been distracted and robbed of your time and your rippling effect has affected lives of many others

Wherever things started in this whole don’t even know why we are here thing has been manipulated since inception

Don’t you think so, I hope you are able to think in a place where words have no value and realizations are free

What if you really didn’t know anything about anything and no-one ever taught you words

Where would you be

I have no claim of. Knowing any answers

I have been fortunate enough to always feel,hey I know there’s more to this thAn what’s being presented here

Everyday I’m having epiphanies that a lot of what I’ve taken for fact are not real truth

Meanwhile my children did not see the parent that I envisioned I would be

And the circle/cycle continues to grow and roll on for the lessons being erased and confused infinitely

I just came to be a friend and assure you we need each other to be aware of one another to teach each other

Whatever it might be to help each other get to a better place

For the most part I’m okay living in my head right now and I’m thankful for that

It may be I don’t posses what you need I just want you to wake and think your own unprovoked thought

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8 Responses to While you are here

  1. Chrissy says:

    Lovely thought provoking thoughts.

  2. Emil latini says:

    Beautiful words …
    I am speechless!

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