Kone, Krusos, Kronos

Imagination Within Imagination

The Names . . . have existed from all eternity:

these Names are designated as “Lords” (Arbab),

who often have all the appearance of hypostases

though they cannot strictly be defined as such.

We know them only by our knowledge of ourselves

(that is the basic maxim). God describes Himself to us

through ourselves.

Which means that the divine Names are essentially relative

to the beings who name them, since these beings discover

and experience them in their own mode of being. . . .

Thus the divine Names have meaning and full reality only

through and for beings . . . in which they are manifested.

Likewise from all eternity, these forms, substrate of the divine

Names, have existed in the divine Essence (A ‘yan thabita).

And it is these latent individualities who from all eternity

have aspired to concrete being in actu. Their aspiration

is itself nothing other…

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