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Every day when I awaken
and my feet hit the floor,
I give thanks for today,
so grateful to be alive
and even more curious
about things than I was
just yesterday
or the day before,
about how things are
and how things work
(or don’t);
for they’ve always
been an adventure
for me and my mind.

So from this vantage point
of many years gone by,
across the chasm
of years and of life,
I find myself still
as excited about
what lies ahead
as I ever was
when I was a kid,
more clearly able to see
what I could never
quite understand
or see before,
a world that stretches
before me as far
as my still inquisitive
imagination allows.

No limits,
no boundaries
will ever keep me
from looking ahead
even farther
than I can now see,
curious about everything
in front of…

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