Little Dogs


Words bite too
Little dogs
That tear at the fat flesh
Of your mind
Your soul
Where winds blow
Where fires grow
And biting you
They lick your life
With love and fire and pain and then
You heal
Learn to feel
For these words
Are the Hounds of Heaven
Many fanged messengers
Howling on fiery winds
First singeing then fully testing
Your mettle
Mining you for marrow
Removing your gross dross
The drippings of your life
They test you before
Consuming you whole
Swallowing bones and blood
Into the belly of the Near Eastern God
Who bled into all the world
And you wonder again
What have dogs to do with God?
Not much!
Unless they teach you something
Of love
And of God
In whom you now live
And move
And breathe your fire
Having been digested
You are a burning coal
Dislodged from the belly of that same God
And you…

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